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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Air Signature Recognition Using Deep Convolutional Neural Network-Based Sequential ModelBehera S.K.; Dash A.K.; Dogra D.P.; Roy P.P.
2018Analysis of 3D signatures recorded using leap motion sensorBehera S.K.; Dogra D.P.; Roy P.P.
2016Computer-vision-guided human pulse rate estimation: A reviewSikdar A.; Behera S.K.; Dogra D.P.
2015Contactless vision-based pulse rate detection of Infants under Neurological ExaminationsSikdar A.; Behera S.K.; Dogra D.P.; Bhaskar H.
2018Designing of marker-based augmented reality learning environment for kids using convolutional neural network architectureDash A.K.; Behera S.K.; Dogra D.P.; Roy P.P.
2016Effective irrigation management using decision support system: Wheat, peanut and maizeBehera S.K.; Panda R.K.
2018Fast recognition and verification of 3D air signatures using convex hullsBehera S.K.; Dogra D.P.; Roy P.P.
2017Fast signature spotting in continuous air writingBehera S.K.; Kumar P.; Dogra D.P.; Roy P.P.
2017Localization of signatures in continuous Air writingBehera S.K.; Dogra D.P.; Roy P.P.
2019A preceramic polymer derived nanoporous carbon hybrid for supercapacitorsSwain I.P.; Pati S.; Behera S.K.
2017Real-time recognition of sign language gestures and air-writing using leap motionKumar P.; Saini R.; Behera S.K.; Dogra D.P.; Roy P.P.
2018Robustness Analysis of Motion Sensor Guided Air Authentication SystemBehera S.K.; Bhoi S.; Dogra D.P.; Roy P.P.