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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016SNR enhancement of Brillouin distributed strain sensor using optimized receiverPradhan H.S.; Sahu P.K.
2012Spontaneous Brillouin scattering based distributed fiber optic temperature sensor design and simulation using phase modulation and optimization techniquePradhan H.S.; Sahu P.K.
2020Strain resolution and spatial resolution improvement of BOCDR-based DSS system using particle swarm optimization algorithmTangudu R.; Sahu P.K.
2019Strain resolution enhancement in Rayleigh-OTDR based DSS system using LWT-MPSO schemeTangudu R.; Sahu P.K.
2016A study on automatic speech recognition toolkitsSahu P.K.; Ganesh D.S.
2017A study on free space optical communication for Bhubaneswar CityMalik S.; Sahu P.K.
2018Study on wireless communication aspect of VANETsMalik S.; Sahu P.K.
2012Suppression of stimulated Brillouin scattering using optimization techniquesPradhan H.S.; Sahu P.K.
2016A survey on the performances of distributed fiber-optic sensorsPradhan H.S.; Sahu P.K.
2019Temperature resolution and spatial resolution improvement of bocdr-based DTS system using particle swarm optimization algorithmRamji T.; Sahu P.K.
2014Ultra High Bit-rate Fiber Optic Hybrid (WDM and TDM) Communication System Design and SimulationDas U.; Sahu P.K.; Patnaik B.
2013Ultra high capacity 1.28 Tbps DWDM system design and simulation using optimized modulation formatPatnaik B.; Sahu P.K.
2016UWB in healthcareGhosh D.; Sahu P.K.