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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Real-time detection of S2 sound using simultaneous recording of PCG and PPGBabu K.A.; Ramkumar B.; Manikandan M.S.
2017Real-Time Signal Quality-Aware ECG Telemetry System for IoT-Based Health Care MonitoringSatija U.; Ramkumar B.; Manikandan S.M.
2014Resource and subcarriers allocation for OFDMA based wireless distributed computing systemRamji T.; Ramkumar B.; Manikandan M.S.
2018A Review of Signal Processing Techniques for Electrocardiogram Signal Quality AssessmentSatija U.; Ramkumar B.; Sabarimalai Manikandan M.
2016Robust cardiac event change detection method for long-term healthcare monitoring applicationsSatija U.; Ramkumar B.; Manikandan M.S.
2015Robust detection of premature ventricular contractions using sparse signal decomposition and temporal featuresManikandan M.S.; Ramkumar B.; Deshpande P.S.; Choudhary T.
2017A robust sparse signal decomposition framework for baseline wander removal from ECG signalSatija U.; Ramkumar B.; Manikandan M.S.
2017S1 and S2 heart sound segmentation using variational mode decompositionBabu K.A.; Ramkumar B.; Manikandan M.S.
2015A simple method for detection and classification of ECG noises for wearable ECG monitoring devicesSatija U.; Ramkumar B.; Manikandan M.S.
2014Simulation studies on ZigBee network for in-vehicle wireless communicationsReddy A.V.D.G.; Ramkumar B.
2016Single channel blind source separation based on variational mode decomposition and PCADey P.; Satija U.; Ramkumar B.
2018Single channel blind source separation for MISO communication systemsDey P.; Trivedi N.; Satija U.; Ramkumar B.; Manikandan M.S.
2016Sparse decomposition framework for maximum likelihood classification under alpha-stable noiseMohanty M.; Satija U.; Ramkumar B.
2019Specific emitter identification based on variational mode decomposition and spectral features in single hop and relaying scenariosSatija U.; Trivedi N.; Biswal G.; Ramkumar B.
2014Straightforward and robust QRS detection algorithm for wearable cardiac monitorManikandan M.S.; Ramkumar B.
2015Unified framework for triaxial accelerometer-based fall event detection and classification using cumulants and hierarchical decision tree classifierKambhampati S.S.; Singh V.; Manikandan M.S.; Ramkumar B.
2016A unified sparse signal decomposition and reconstruction framework for elimination of muscle artifacts from ECG signalSatija U.; Ramkumar B.; Manikandan M.S.