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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016A clustering model based on colliding bodies optimization for analysis of seismic catalogNanda S.J.; Panda G.
2014Comparative performance analysis of evolutionary algorithm based parameter optimization in cognitive radio engine: A surveyPradhan P.M.; Panda G.
2014A comparative performance assessment of a set of multiobjective algorithms for constrained portfolio assets selectionMishra S.K.; Panda G.; Majhi R.
2017Comparative performance study of wore segmentation techniques for handwritten Odia documentsPradhan A.; Behera S.; Panda G.; Majhi B.
2018Computational analysis of the GI/G/1 risk process using rootsPanda G.; Banik A.D.; Chaudhry M.L.
2015Computationally efficient algorithm for high sampling-frequency operation of active noise controlRout N.K.; Das D.P.; Panda G.
2012Connectivity constrained wireless sensor deployment using multiobjective evolutionary algorithms and fuzzy decision makingPradhan P.M.; Panda G.
2017Constrained LMMSE-based object-specific reconstruction in compressive sensingTripathy S.R.; Panda G.; Majhi B.
2014Constrained multiobjective optimization based design of CMOS ring oscillatorRout P.K.; Acharya D.P.; Panda G.
2014Constrained portfolio asset selection using multiobjective bacteria foraging optimizationMishra S.K.; Panda G.; Majhi R.
2013Cooperative spectrum sensing in cognitive radio network using multiobjective evolutionary algorithms and fuzzy decision makingPradhan P.M.; Panda G.
2013A correlation based stochastic partitional algorithm for accurate cluster analysisNanda S.J.; Pradhan P.M.; Panda G.; Mansinha L.; Tiampo K.F.
2018De-Correlated Improved Adaptive Exponential FLAF-Based Nonlinear Adaptive Feedback Cancellation for Hearing AidsVasundhara, Puhan N.B.; Panda G.
2018Deep convolutional neural network-based patch classification for retinal nerve fiber layer defect detection in early glaucomaPanda R.; Puhan N.B.; Rao A.; Mandal B.; Padhy D.; Panda G.
2015Design of computationally efficient density-based clustering algorithmsNanda S.J.; Panda G.
2012Design of LC VCO for optimal figure of merit performance using CMODERout P.K.; Nanda U.K.; Acharya D.P.; Panda G.
2013Development and performance evaluation of an improved complex valued radar pulse compressorBaghel V.; Panda G.
2014Development and performance evaluation of blind eigenvalue to noise power ratio detector for co-operative spectrum sensingMasal A.A.; Panda G.
2014Development and performance evaluation of generalised Doppler compensated adaptive pulse compression algorithmBaghel V.; Panda G.
2014Development of a novel narrowband active noise controller in presence of sensor errorKukde R.; Manikandan M.S.; Panda G.