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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017An improved approach for prediction of Parkinson's disease using machine learning techniquesChalla K.N.R.; Pagolu V.S.; Panda G.; Majhi B.
2012Improved portfolio optimization combining multiobjective evolutionary computing algorithm and prediction strategyMishra S.K.; Panda G.; Majhi B.; Majhi R.
2017Information Combining Schemes for Cooperative Spectrum Sensing: A Survey and Comparative Performance AnalysisPradhan P.M.; Panda G.
2014Inverting the transforms arising in the GI/M/1 risk process using rootsPanda G.; Banik A.D.; Chaudhry M.L.
2017Low complexity distributed active noise control using secondary path constraintsKukde R.; Manikandan M.S.; Panda G.
2011Maximum likelihood DOA estimation in distributed wireless sensor network using adaptive particle swarm optimizationPanigrahi T.; Hanumantharao A.D.; Panda G.; Majhi B.; Mulgrew B.
2015Maximum likelihood DOA estimation in wireless sensor networks using comprehensive learning particle swarm optimization algorithmRoula S.; Gantayat H.; Panigrahi T.; Panda G.
2013Maximum likelihood source localisation in wireless sensor network using particle swarm optimisationPanigrahi T.; Panda G.; Majhi B.
2018Mean curvature and texture constrained composite weighted random walk algorithm for optic disc segmentation towards glaucoma screeningPanda R.; Puhan N.B.; Panda G.
2015Message from the general chairPanda G.
2012Multiobjective cooperative spectrum sensing in cognitive radio using cat swarm optimizationPradhan P.M.; Panda G.; Majhi B.
2013A multiobjective optimization approach to determine the parameters of stepped frequency pulse trainSahoo A.K.; Panda G.
2014A multiobjective optimization based fast and robust design methodology for low power and low phase noise current starved VCORout P.K.; Acharya D.P.; Panda G.
2016New Binary Hausdorff Symmetry measure based seeded region growing for retinal vessel segmentationPanda R.; Puhan N.B.; Panda G.
2011New GOPSO and its application to robust identificationBaghel V.; Nanda S.J.; Panda G.
2012New robust forecasting models for exchange rates predictionMajhi B.; Rout M.; Majhi R.; Panda G.; Fleming P.J.
2014Non-redundant stockwell transform based feature extraction for handwritten digit recognitionDash K.S.; Puhan N.B.; Panda G.
2016A novel ANC system using nonlinear error LMS algorithmSingh G.; Panda G.
2016A novel classification of handwritten digits using compressive sensing techniqueTripathy S.; Panda G.
2011Novel stock market prediction using a hybrid model of adptive linear combiner and differential evolutionRout M.; Majhi B.; Majhi R.; Panda G.