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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Abatement of NOX using compact high voltage pulse power supply: Towards retrofitting to automobile vehicleMohapatro S.; Sharma N.K.; Madhukar A.
2019Feasibility of Artificial Neural Networks and Fuzzy Logic Models for Prediction of NOX Concentrations in Nonthermal Plasma-Treated Diesel ExhaustAllamsetty S.; Mohapatro S.
2017Loss and cost evaluation of typical DC distribution for residential houseSahoo N.C.; Mohapatro S.; Sahu A.K.; Mohapatro B.S.
2017Nanosecond pulse discharge based nitrogen oxides treatment using different electrode configurationsMohapatro S.; Allamsetty S.; Madhukar A.; Sharma N.K.
2017NOX abatement from filtered diesel engine exhaust using battery-powered high-voltage pulse power supplyMohapatro S.; Allamsetty S.
2017NOx removal from diesel engine exhaust using low voltage DC powered high voltage power supplyMohapatro S.; Bhattacharya A.
2012Online nox removal from stationary diesel engine exhaust by barrier discharge plasmaMohapatro S.; Rajanikanth B.S.
2019Prediction of NO and NO2 concentrations in NTP treated diesel exhaust using multilayer perceptronsAllamsetty S.; Mohapatro S.
2019Prediction of NO and NO2 concentrations in ozone injected diesel exhaust after NTP treatment using dimensional analysisAllamsetty S.; Mohapatro S.
2019Prediction of NO to NO2 conversion efficiency with NTP-based diesel exhaust treatment using radial basis functionsAllamsetty S.; Mohapatro S.
2018Prediction of NOX Concentration in Nonthermal Plasma-Treated Diesel Exhaust Using Dimensional AnalysisAllamsetty S.; Mohapatro S.
2016A SoC based voltage control strategy for DC microgridSahoo N.C.; Mohapatro S.; Senapati M.K.
2013Studies on NOx removal from diesel engine exhaust using duct type DBD reactorMohapatro S.; Rajanikanth B.S.