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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Negative infrared photocurrent response in layered WS2/reduced graphene oxide hybridsRatha S.; Simbeck A.J.; Late D.J.; Nayak S.K.; Rout C.S.
2015Oxidative and membrane stress-mediated antibacterial activity of WS2 and rGO-WS2 nanosheetsNavale G.R.; Rout C.S.; Gohil K.N.; Dharne M.S.; Late D.J.; Shinde S.S.
2014Photosensitive field emission study of SnS2 nanosheetsJoshi P.D.; Joag D.S.; Rout C.S.; Late D.J.
2015Pt-nanoparticle functionalized carbon nano-onions for ultra-high energy supercapacitors and enhanced field emission behaviourSuryawanshi S.R.; Kaware V.; Chakravarty D.; Walke P.S.; More M.A.; Joshi K.; Rout C.S.; Late D.J.
2015Recent developments in 2D layered inorganic nanomaterials for sensingKannan P.K.; Late D.J.; Morgan H.; Rout C.S.
2016SnS2 nanoflakes for efficient humidity and alcohol sensing at room temperatureBharatula L.D.; Erande M.B.; Mulla I.S.; Rout C.S.; Late D.J.
2015Spectral analysis of the emission current noise exhibited by few layer WS2 nanosheets emitterSuryawanshi S.R.; Kolhe P.S.; Rout C.S.; Late D.J.; More M.A.
2015Stable field emission from layered MoS2 nanosheets in high vacuum and observation of 1/f noiseKashid R.V.; Joag P.D.; Thripuranthaka M.; Rout C.S.; Late D.J.; More M.A.
2013Superior field emission properties of layered WS2-RGO nanocompositesRout C.S.; Joshi P.D.; Kashid R.V.; Joag D.S.; More M.A.; Simbeck A.J.; Washington M.; Nayak S.K.; Late D.J.
2019Synthesis of a 3D free standing crystalline NiSeX matrix for electrochemical energy storage applicationsDinara S.M.; Samantara A.K.; Das J.K.; Behera J.N.; Nayak S.K.; Late D.J.; Rout C.S.
2014Temperature dependent Raman spectroscopy of chemically derived few layer MoS2 and WS2 nanosheetsThripuranthaka M.; Kashid R.V.; Sekhar Rout C.; Late D.J.
2019VSe2-reduced graphene oxide as efficient cathode material for field emissionRatha S.; Bankar P.; Gangan A.S.; More M.A.; Late D.J.; Behera J.N.; Chakraborty B.; Rout C.S.