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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Low-convection-cooling slope cast AlSi7Mg alloy: A rheological perspectiveRitwik R.; Prasada Rao A.K.; Dhindaw B.K.
2019Mechanical and degradation behaviour of biodegradable magnesium-zinc/hydroxyapatite composite with different powder mixing techniquesMohamad Rodzi S.N.H.; Zuhailawati H.; Dhindaw B.K.
2018Microstructural Changes in Hypoeutectic Al�Si Alloys by Low Shear and Vibration Induced Melt Conditioning SetupJha S.; Aditya G.S.L.; Mandal A.; Dhindaw B.K.
2014Microstructure-property relationship for friction stir processed magnesium alloyArora H.S.; Grewal H.S.; Singh H.; Dhindaw B.K.; McPhail D.; Shollock B.; Chater R.; Mukherjee S.
2016Prediction of compressive strength of biodegradable Mg-Zn/HA composite via response surface methodology and its biodegradationSoon L.L.; Zuhailawati H.; Suhaina I.; Dhindaw B.K.
2015The role of roller speed on solidification of Al-Mg-Si alloy during twin roll strip castingZuhailawati H.; Yusof M.M.; Anasyida A.S.; Almanar I.P.; Dhindaw B.K.
2012Simulation of cooling of liquid metal in an inclined slope to predict the condition for semi solid forming and its experimental validationDhindaw B.K.; Kumar M.; Kumar A.
2014Solidification of aluminum copper alloy during twin roll strip castingHussain Z.; Nasir L.M.M.; Anasyida A.S.; Dhindaw B.K.
2012Some investigations on friction stir processed zone of AZ91 alloyArora H.S.; Singh H.; Dhindaw B.K.; Grewal H.S.
2013Wear behaviour of a Mg alloy subjected to friction stir processingArora H.S.; Singh H.; Dhindaw B.K.