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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Performance of UASB reactor treating synthetic textile wastewater: effect of physicochemical pretreatmentVerma A.K.; Bhunia P.; Dash R.R.
2014Reclamation of wastewater using composite coagulants: A sustainable solution to the textile industriesVerma A.K.; Bhunia P.; Dash R.R.
2016Response surface optimization of phosphate removal from aqueous solution using a natural adsorbentRout P.R.; Bhunia P.; Dash R.R.
2012A review on chemical coagulation/flocculation technologies for removal of colour from textile wastewatersVerma A.K.; Dash R.R.; Bhunia P.
2018Role of Bacillus cereus GS-5 strain on simultaneous nitrogen and phosphorous removal from domestic wastewater in an inventive single unit multi-layer packed bed bioreactorRout P.R.; Dash R.R.; Bhunia P.; Rao S.
2017Simultaneous removal of nitrogen and phosphorous from domestic wastewater using Bacillus cereus GS-5 strain exhibiting heterotrophic nitrification, aerobic denitrification and denitrifying phosphorous removalRout P.R.; Bhunia P.; Dash R.R.
2015Sonolytic Decolorization of Textile Wastewater Containing a Mixture of Reactive, Acid and Disperse DyesVerma A.K.; Bhunia P.; Dash R.R.; Tyagi R.D.; Surampalli R.Y.; Zhang T.C.
2014Treatment of cyanide bearing effluents by adsorption, biodegradation and combined processes: Effect of process parametersDash R.R.; Dash R.R.; Balomajumdar C.
2017Treatment of wastewater by vermifiltration integrated with macrophyte filter: A reviewSamal K.; Dash R.R.; Bhunia P.
2018Understanding intricacies of clogging and its alleviation by introducing earthworms in soil biofiltersSingh R.; Bhunia P.; Dash R.R.
2019Vermifiltration as a sustainable natural treatment technology for the treatment and reuse of wastewater: A reviewSingh R.; Samal K.; Dash R.R.; Bhunia P.