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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Channel Bragg-plasmon coupled waveguideDas R.; Jha R.; Srivastava T.
2012Effect of chalcogenide glass and plasmonic metal on electric field enhancement in surface plasmon resonance sensorBharadwaj S.; Maharana P.K.; Das R.; Jha R.
2014Guided-mode analysis of tamm-plasmon polariton at metal-heterostructure dielectric interfaceDas R.; Pandey A.; Srivastava T.; Jha R.
2011High-performance bimetallic SPR sensor based on periodic-multilayer- waveguidesSrivastava T.; Jha R.; Das R.
2011Highly accurate and sensitive surface plasmon resonance sensor based on channel photonic crystal waveguidesSrivastava T.; Das R.; Jha R.
2013Highly Sensitive Plasmonic Temperature Sensor Based on Photonic Crystal Surface Plasmon WaveguideSrivastava T.; Das R.; Jha R.
2013Mode-coupling between surface plasmon modes and bandgap-guided modes: A comprehensive study and applicationsSrivastava T.; Das R.; Jha R.
2012On the high performance of channel photonic crystal waveguide comprising different plasmonic active metalsSrivastava T.; Das R.; Jha R.
2015On the performance of Tamm-plasmon and surface-plasmon hybrid-mode refractive-index sensor in metallo-dielectric heterostructure configurationDas R.; Srivastava T.; Jha R.
2012Photonic crystal surface plasmon waveguides sensor for high and accurate temperature measurementJha R.; Srivastava T.; Das R.
2014Tamm-plasmon and surface-plasmon hybrid-mode based refractometry in photonic bandgap structuresDas R.; Srivastava T.; Jha R.
2014THz mode-coupling in photonic-crystal�surface-plasmon-coupled waveguidesSrivastava T.; Das R.; Padhy P.; Jha R.