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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Microstructural evolution and mechanical properties of misch metal added Mg-Si alloysAjith Kumar K.K.; Pillai U.T.S.; Pai B.C.; Chakraborty M.
2014Microstructure and Thermal Characterization of Plasma-Sprayed Nanostructured La2Ce2O7-Doped YSZ CoatingsMantry S.; Mandal A.; Mishra D.K.; Jha B.B.; Mishra B.K.; Chakraborty M.
2015On the age hardening behavior of thixoformed A356-5TiB2 in-situ compositeDeepak Kumar S.; Mandal A.; Chakraborty M.
2015Optimization of process parameters during machining of thixoformed A356-5TiB2 in-situ composite using Design of ExperimentsDeepak Kumar S.; Vundavilli P.R.; Mandal A.; Chakraborty M.
2013Parametric appraisal of process parameters for adhesion of plasma sprayed nanostructured YSZ coatings using taguchi experimental designMantry S.; Mishra B.K.; Chakraborty M.
2012PrefaceRatke L.; Chakraborty M.; Murty B.S.; Mandal A.
2012Processing and microstructure of magnesium in-situ composite with titanium and boron based reinforcementAjith Kumar K.K.; Raghukanadan K.; Subramonia Pillai U.T.; Chandrasekhara Pai B.; Chakraborty M.
2014Processing and properties of aluminium based composites reinforced with in-situ TiB2 particlesMandal A.; Kumar S.D.; Chakraborty M.
2015Production of semi-solid feedstock of A356 alloy and A356-5TiB2 in-situ composite by cooling slope castingKumar S.D.; Acharya M.; Mandal A.; Chakraborty M.
2011The role of heat treatment on microstructure and mechanical properties of Ti-13Zr-13Nb alloy for biomedical load bearing applicationsMajumdar P.; Singh S.B.; Chakraborty M.
2013Role of substrate bias during deposition of magnetron sputtered Ni, Ti and Ni-Ti thin filmsPriyadarshini B.G.; Gupta M.K.; Ghosh S.; Chakraborty M.; Aich S.
2011Sliding wear behavior of in situ Al-4.5Cu-5TiB2 composite processed by single and multiple roll passes in mushy stateSiddhalingeshwar I.G.; Deepthi D.; Chakraborty M.; Mitra R.
2015Solid fraction evolution characteristics of semi-solid A356 alloy and in-situ A356-TiB2 composites investigated by differential thermal analysisDeepak Kumar S.; Mandal A.; Chakraborty M.
2011Structural and morphological investigations on DC-magnetron-sputtered nickel films deposited on Si (100)Geetha Priyadarshini B.; Aich S.; Chakraborty M.
2011Studies on Ni-Ti thin films deposited by bias assisted magnetron sputteringGeetha Priyadarshini B.; Aich S.; Chakraborty M.
2016Studies on synthesis of in-situ Al-TiC metal matrix compositesRai R.N.; Saha S.C.; Datta G.L.; Chakraborty M.
2014Tribo-performance of plasma-sprayed nanostructured yttria-stabilized zirconia coatings using Taguchi's experimental designMantry S.; Sahoo R.; Jha B.B.; Mishra B.K.; Chakraborty M.
2012Tribological behavior of Mg- Mg 2Si in-situ compositeAjith Kumar K.K.; Subramonia Pillai U.T.; Chandrasekhara Pai B.; Chakraborty M.
2016X-ray tomography studies on porosity and particle size distribution in cast in-situ Al-Cu-TiB2 semi-solid forged compositesMathew J.; Mandal A.; Warnett J.; Williams M.A.; Chakraborty M.; Srirangam P.