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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018A new approach for energy efficiency in software defined networkPriyadarsini M.; Bera P.; Rahman M.A.
2018A new approach for SDN performance enhancementPriyadarsini M.; Bera P.
2019A New Mobility Control Approach for Improved Route Availability in Mobile Ad Hoc NetworksTripathy B.K.; Jena S.K.; Bera P.; Das S.
2017A novel implementation of parallel homomorphic encryption for secure data storage in cloudSethi K.; Majumdar A.; Bera P.
2017A Novel Malware Analysis for Malware Detection and Classification using Machine Learning AlgorithmsSethi K.; Tripathy B.K.; Chaudhary S.K.; Bera P.
2018Novel malware analysis framework for malware detection and classification using machine learning approachSethi K.; Chaudhary S.K.; Tripathy B.K.; Bera P.
2016A Novel Secure and Efficient Policy Management Framework for Software Defined NetworkTripathy B.K.; Sethy A.G.; Bera P.; Rahman M.A.
2018Performance analysis of software defined network controller architecture-A simulation based surveyPriyadarsini M.; Bera P.; Bhampal R.
2018Risk based Security Enforcement in Software Defined NetworkTripathy B.K.; Das D.P.; Jena S.K.; Bera P.
2019A scalable attribute based encryption for secure data storage and access in cloudSethi K.; Pradhan A.; Punith R.; Bera P.
2015VM migration auction: Business oriented federation of cloud providers for scaling of application servicesMajhi S.K.; Bera P.