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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Impurity induced crystallinity and optical emissions in ZnO nanorod arraysPanda N.R.; Acharya B.S.
2013Luminescence properties and decay kinetics of nano ZnO powder doped with cerium ionsPanda N.R.; Acharya B.S.; Singh T.B.; Gartia R.K.
2016Luminescence properties of rare earth doped metal oxide nanostructures: A case of Eu-ZnOSahu D.; Acharya B.S.; Panda N.R.
2014Microstructural and optical investigations on sonochemically synthesized Cu doped ZnO nanobricksSahu D.; Panda N.R.; Acharya B.S.; Panda A.K.
2015Probing the effect of intrinsic defects and dopants on the structural evolution and optical properties of ZnO nanocrystallitesPanda N.R.; Sahu D.; Acharya B.S.; Nayak P.
2012Red luminescence in sonochemically synthesized nitrogen doped ZnO nanorodsPanda N.R.; Acharya B.S.; Nayak P.
2012Role of Cr 3 ions on superexchange coupling in ?-Fe 2O 3 nanoparticlesPanda N.R.; Acharya B.S.; Nayak P.; Pati S.P.; Nath B.K.; Das D.
2011Role of rare earth ions on structural and optical properties of ZnO nanopowder: A case of Ce3+Panda N.R.; Acharya B.S.
2013Sonochemical synthesis of nitrogen doped ZnO nanorods: Effect of anions on growth and optical propertiesPanda N.R.; Acharya B.S.; Nayak P.
2014Studies on growth morphology, UV absorbance and luminescence properties of sulphur doped ZnO nanopowders synthesized by the application of ultrasound with varying input powerPanda N.R.; Acharya B.S.; Nayak P.; Bag B.P.
2013Thermoluminescence and decay studies on cerium doped ZnO nanopowdersPanda N.R.; Acharya B.S.; Singh T.B.; Gartia R.K.
2012Ultrasound assisted synthesis and properties of zno: B nanorods and micro flowersPanda N.R.; Sahu D.; Acharya B.S.